Mission / ミッション
Digital Humanities Japan is an international and interdisciplinary community of scholars and professionals interested in working with digital methods, tools, and resources for Japanese Studies. As a collective, we aim to foster collaboration between those with similar interests by promoting scholarly dialogue, holding workshops to develop technical skills and project ideas, and creating a central platform for the sharing of resources related to digital methods.
About / 団体について
Digital Humanities Japan began as a workshop on the “Impact of the Digital in Japanese Studies,” held at the University of Chicago in November, 2016. The workshop, organized by Hoyt Long, Mark Ravina, and Molly Des Jardin, brought together scholars and librarians to foster discussions about the implications for digital methods on research and teaching related to Japan. The group met for a second time in May, 2018, to continue the conversation and to coordinate efforts for further collaboration and resource sharing with others in the field. Participants have separately been involved in organizing workshops for enhancing literacy of digital methods in Japanese Studies, including a workshop on text mining held at Emory University (June, 2017) and on GIS and network analysis for East Asian religious studies held at McMaster University (May, 2018). We have also been involved with digital pedagogy at our respective institutions. This website is an effort to expand the group’s network and to provide a hub for information on digital scholarship, tools, and resources for the study of Japan.